Review #3: Review by Foluso Falaye

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Reviewed by Foluso Falaye for Readers’ Favorite

Ella is determined to discover who she is. This is despite her mother Arty’s evasiveness, which is most likely the result of her father’s ties to the Nazis and undisclosed medical research. Regardless of this, Ella intends to meet her half-brother Colton to get to the bottom of everything, but she is utterly taken aback by what she finds. It seems that Colton has an implant that can scan gene expressions and compile all the inherited epigenetic information. Subsequently, secrets about a pivotal period in history continue to emerge, leaving the two half-siblings with even more questions. E. A. Dustin’s Artima’s Travels – Part II: Ella (All about Artima’s Travels) combines sci-fi with historical fiction in a compelling tale that swings back and forth in time and builds on the thin line between some of history’s most heinous atrocities against mankind and mind-blowing advances in science and technology.

Artima’s Travels – Part II is jam-packed with intriguing scientific and idealistic themes, like premonitions, telekinesis, psychic skills, brain implants, and epigenetics that will delight sci-fi lovers and those who enjoy delving into enigmatic ideas. Dustin writes in a dualistic manner that both entertains and enlightens the reader about the depressing impact of war atrocities. Though the pace is somewhat relaxed, the mystery of unraveling the thrilling narrative of a man stuck in a perilous historical government and the scientific organization’s guarded, but gradually unveiled plans for the protagonists had me entirely engrossed in the novel. E. A. Dustin’s outstanding sequel exposes the brutal and distressing truth of war and the master race ideology in a tale that keeps you turning the pages to discover more. After reading the first two in the series, I’d be overjoyed to read the third book on Artima’s Travels