Review #4: Review by Alex Ndirangu

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Reviewed by Alex Ndirangu for Readers’ Favorite

Ella observes from a distance as her father’s loved ones assemble around his open grave. She is consumed with regret for not having tried harder to get to know him when he was alive. On the few occasions that Ella inquired about her father, her mother brushed her aside and said that “he wasn’t normal” and that they were better off without him. Now that Ella is fast approaching eighteen, she has begun searching for answers. While her mother is away on a business trip, Ella meets with her half-brother, Colton, and she learns about his unique abilities. He has a brain implant that allows him to relive the history of anything he touches and even commands electronic devices with a wink or raising a finger. This incredible technology is led by a Los Angeles agency where many of Colton’s family members work. But many secrets cloud the agency’s activities, and Colton’s implant may be linked to a science project that was related to Nazi research during World War II. Colton had previously traveled to Los Angeles for medical check-ups, but he invites Ella to accompany him on this occasion. What family secrets will these two young minds unearth? Pick up a copy of E.A. Dustin’s Artima’s Travels – Part II: Ella (All about Artima’s Travels) to find out.

This book maintained a moderate pace with a brilliant narration style and well-crafted dialogue. It was entertaining to read. The short paragraphs kept my eyes flying over the words. Learning more about the Nazi era was something I did not expect. E.A. Dustin’s descriptive writing style transported me back to 1930s Germany. I felt sorry for the Germans who refused to support Nazi propaganda because of the suffering that they would endure. I adored the realistic touches that the author applied in this book. Colton’s “unusual smartphone” sometimes malfunctioned, just like the electronic devices we use in real life. This was just one of the many scenarios that made the book’s fictional premise feel plausible. The characters all actively participated in making the story lively. Readers who enjoy a blend of science and fantasy will love Artima’s Travels – Part II.