Author E. A. Dustin's Books "Save me Twice" and "Artima's Travels"

This site covers all of author's E. A. Dustin's books: "Save Me Twice" which is about 16 year old Karl pulled into a losing war against his will and "Artima's Travels – Part I" which pulls you into an alternate universe of a female in tech and "Artima's Travels – Part II" which is a time-travel science fiction novel.

Church Bells fighting WWII

By the end of the World War II almost 150,000 church bells dating from the twelfth to the twentieth centuries, from church towers all over the European continent, had been melted down to support the Nazi war effort. Those church bells were bearing the inscription “The bells too are fighting for a new Europe.”

A deacon had said it best “It goes against any feelings, that they, who like no other preach peace and should heal wounded hearts, should tear apart bodies in gruesome murders and open wounds that will never heal.”

It was the same ruthless regime that when the Wehrmacht was entirely depleted and mostly only women/widows remained with their young sons and daughters, demanded that boys as young as 12 fight in the war.

16 year old Karl was conscripted then and he wrote his WWII experiences down on paper and his story is told in the book “Save Me Twice.”

Read his WWII story based on true events here

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