5 StarsĀ 
Reviewed By Lesley Jones for Readers’ Favorite
In Artima’s Travels (Part I) https://www.amazon.com/Artimas-Travels-Part-Book-Dustin-ebook/dp/B08PBNZD7T by E. A. Dustin, Arty Ressols, the chief engineer of AISE (Artificial Intelligence Systems Enterprises) has perfected life-saving technology using an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that will aid in the fight against a deadly pandemic that is fast approaching. Arty is also the single mother to 14-year-old Ella whom she adores. Juggling home life and a highly demanding career is a challenge Arty has become accustomed to. When the Navy accidentally fires a missile at a nearby Russian ship in the Persian Gulf, they retaliate, causing death and injuries. But how could a system’s default settings of simulation have been altered to live-fire? Captain Schwartz turns to Arty and Ronnie, her boss and CEO of AISE, to resolve and investigate any system malfunction. As Arty begins to question the key players involved, she is convinced that the truth is deliberately being kept from her. Someone knows the facts behind how a simulated military exercise caused death and possible conflict with Russia. Arty’s investigations uncover betrayal, jealousy, and revenge and she suspects the missile was fired deliberately, but why?

I loved this intriguing concept for a novel. Artima’s Travels (Part I) by E. A. Dustin immediately sparked my interest. The main character Arty is not only highly intelligent, intuitive, and caring but extremely vulnerable which made her so endearing. She battles bias and bigotry throughout, not only because she is a single parent but also a female in a male-dominated profession. Arty is a superb parent and sister and I enjoyed how these two relationships developed; there were some poignant scenes highlighting Arty’s huge heart and beautiful soul. There are many revelations, twists, and turns to the story, especially around the truth of the live-fire, which were superbly executed. The scientific references were easy for a non-tech person like myself to follow but the detail surrounding the technology was admirable. The story really gives you an insight into the possible conversations and strategies used by those in power behind the scenes. I thought the psychological manipulation and gaslighting of Arty were chilling and believable because it was a gradual process. The ending was a punch in the air occasion, a real karma moment. I now look forward to Part 2 and learning more about these interesting characters and their relationships with one another.