Last week I found out that Mr. Oren Vernon Dameron, Jr., the father of one of my dear relatives (via my son-in-law), will be buried at Arlington cemetery on May 17, 2016 (he went by “Brother” to all his friends and family). I was filled with instant regret that I didn’t ask him more about his time during WWII while I was sitting across from him in the many wonderful family gatherings that his wife and daughter organized.

When I fist met him he was already using oxygen tubes and not in best health and he didn’t seem to enjoy talking too much for health reasons. But now I wished I would have at least attempted to ask him more about his time and experience during WWII. If I recall correctly he was fighting in the Pacific. I hope to get more information about his time during WWII from his grandson who was very close to him.

I thought of the large framed picture hanging on the wall behind his chair, showing him on a Navy ship during WWII. He was a gunners mate in the US Hornet in Pearl Harbor. He served for 2 years.

There are so few WWII veterans left. When you meet one, try to get to know them and their story.