Yesterday I attended the memorial service for  a wonderful lady (the mom and mother-in-law of good friends of mine). She lived to be 98. Her brother among others reminisced about Dot’s youth, together going to the beaches at Ocean City, having to worry about being seen by the Nazi’s so they were told to draw the shades at the hotels at night. Also guards were marching along the beaches on the look out for u-boats (submarines).

That made me think, did Nazi u-boats really make it to American shores during WWII? According to this article, yes: “less than six weeks after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, the hostilities of the Second World War had arrived on America’s East Coast and North Carolina’s” beaches.

Dot’s brother’s memories of her were very interesting and I had learned something new – it also made me realize that the “greatest generation” is now disappearing one after the other. It is time I write down everything I know about world war II from my Dad’s point of view, who then was 16 years old.