Sci-fi fans who have been binging on ‘pandemic fiction’ reads will find the satisfying backdrop of a post-pandemic world blended with military sci-fi in Artima’s Travels. It’s the story of a determined young woman charged with tracking down the hacker who has caused a missile to misfire in the Pacific, further threatening world stability.

Arty’s effort sends her on an unexpected journey through both relationships in her life and intrigue as she faces a storm of change and encounters that test her perceptions of life outside the military circles she runs in.

Unlike most hard sci-fi or military sci-fi reads, E.A. Dustin knows how to embed emotional scenes, connections, and emotion-driven encounters into her story. This makes Artima’s Travels far more compelling than the majority of genre reads.

This attention to emotional detail permeates not only her investigations but her team’s approach to problem-solving as Artima struggles to redefine those people she thought she knew: “Yes, we first met in San Diego during your last visit there,” Harry replied, quickly looking away. The familiar nod between Harry and Paul in San Diego flashed in front of Arty. Why would Harry say they first met in San Diego when clearly, they had met before?”

As problem-solving, intrigue, family relationships, and Navy politics entwine, readers will find the story strongly driven by a feisty female who knows how to get things done, who confronts the technological, social, and gender challenges of her position and life.

The result is a compelling read that cements its action with a vivid, believable protagonist. Arty’s world and concerns are central in a story that’s filled with surprising twists and hard to put down. Military sci-fi readers may pick this up for its Navy references; but civilians, too, will find Artima’s Travels absolutely riveting.