Reviewed By: Foluso Falaye

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Reviewed By Foluso Falaye for Readers’ Favorite

When a missile misfires at the Strait of Hormuz, some members of the Artificial Intelligence Systems Enterprises (AISE) are requested by the Navy to investigate the situation. As the chief engineer of AISE, Artima delves into the case, using her sharp sense of smell to recall important memories and her keen observational skills to discover some dirty secrets. Artima’s Travels Part 1 by E. A. Dustin is set in a time when different technologies, including serving robots and disinfecting UV-C light, are used to battle the Covid-19 pandemic. Follow Artima as she searches for answers while she deals with different challenges like her dying brother, an ex-husband who is distancing himself from their daughter, and a boss who has sexist opinions about her.

As I picked up Artima’s Travels, I felt like I stepped into a beautiful, therapeutic parallel universe. The focus on the use of the olfactory sense and the detailed descriptions of the events and backgrounds gave me a feeling of being present and completely immersed in the story. I was excited to learn many new things about technology, how the mind works, and some random things that I had to research. The innovative technological ideas are quite impressive and may help in real life to battle the pandemic if incorporated by companies around the world. E. A. Dustin creates a very realistic story as it portrays different relatable problems, like being a single parent and facing sexism in the workplace. Artima’s Travels is not a book you rush through but one you relax with as your sense of awareness and other senses are fully awakened. I enjoyed it a lot!