We saw the movie “Never Look Away” last night, in German it’s called “Werk ohne Autor,” and during the 3 hours and 8 minute movie I could not look away. What a master piece. The movie tells the suffering of a German family (mainly from the view of the nephew) with a schizophrenic daughter and all they endured during and after WWII (don’t want to give away too much). Movies from that side of the war are a rarity. I highly recommend it. The Washington Post says ‘Never Look Away’ is one of the best — and most beautiful — films out now. The movie is also nominated for the foreign-language film Oscar – can’t wait for the Oscars and hope it wins. The only tiny downside for me was, since it’s in German with English subtitles, the entire time I listened to the movie and at the same time read the translations to see how well done they were. They of course did a great job (though they left out a few – very few – words during the translation).