Author E. A. Dustin's Books "Save me Twice" and "Artima's Travels"

This site covers all of author's E. A. Dustin's books: "Save Me Twice" which is about 16 year old Karl pulled into a losing war against his will and "Artima's Travels – Part I" which pulls you into an alternate universe of a female in tech and "Artima's Travels – Part II" which is a time-travel science fiction novel.

Today is the 76th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor

76 years ago today Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. America officially only joined World War 2 two years into the war on 8 December 1941, when all but one member of Congress passed the motion one day after the attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.*  

American GIs helped save Karl – the main character of the book “Save Me Twice.” see



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