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This site covers all of author's E. A. Dustin's books: "Save Me Twice" which is about 16 year old Karl pulled into a losing war against his will and "Artima's Travels – Part I" which pulls you into an alternate universe of a female in tech and "Artima's Travels – Part II" which is a time-travel science fiction novel.

The victor writes the history

I wanted to share this latest review of “Save Me Twice” on  –  the victor writes the history and yes no denying Hitler and his cronies were evil, but people often still to this day only know one side of the story and think most Germans went into WWII happily and willingly. Here is a review that sheds some light on this:

“Save me Twice” -Highly recommended –

Sometimes school is just not enough, sometimes reading a book is just what you need to learn something new.

Even if this is the case with most books, I consider it to be especially the case with Save me twice by E.A. Dustin, a book based on WWII events. At school they teach you about WWII focusing mainly on the historical events and the cruelty that was perpetrated towards the Jews, the persons with a disability, the homosexuals and other human beings that were not considered as such by Hitler. This time, though, through the pages of Save me twice you apprehend another side of the story, that of the Germans, that of young men like Karl, the main character, who had to join the war because there was no way to avoid it, that of people blindsided by Hitler’s lies and not knowing the real truth («Hitler knew what to do about the unemployment and fixed it, we can trust him; hence he must also be right about the Jewish problem»).

People didn’t know about Hitler’s plans (even if you still wonder about it), not everyone was charmed by Hitler’s charism, many German soldiers had to pay because of something they weren’t aware of.

Reading this non-fictional narration will make you see these events under another light and maybe you will find out different facts about them that you didn’t know about, for example the fact that German soldiers had tattoos that identified them or the conditions in which everyone lived. And while there are some things that are invented, Save me twice is based on the real story of the protagonist, Karl, and its veracity is underlined by the use of German terms, like mutter, schnell. Therefore, at the end of the book you will reflect about human nature and a question you will ask to yourself is, quoting E.A. Dustin herself, «how is it so easy for one person to change a large population’s opinion of an entire culture and religion? ».

Such a book should be read by everyone because people shouldn’t ignore the past and shouldn’t live in the dark. More importantly there is no race but we are all human beings.


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